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Terms and conditions

For weddings, at the signing of the contract and to reserve your dates, I ask you the payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the service. The remaining balance is paid on the day of the ceremony or at the latest on delivery of the photos.
I do not offer guarantee of appearance on the photos of all the guests in the final selection.
All other services are to be paid at the end of the session or at the latest at the delivery of photos.

Respect of dates and cancellation
In case of force majeure preventing the supply of photos (theft, destruction of photos or equipment, ...), I will return the sums paid (including installments) for the sessions unrealized without the customers can claim compensation from the non-performance of the contract.
If the newlyweds have to cancel their marriage, I will only keep the installments already paid.
In the event that the date of the marriage would be moved after signature of the contract, I will not be able to guarantee the execution of my service and the reservation deposit will be retained.

A USB key containing all the photos edited in high definition will be sent or delivered by hand within 3 weeks. Within this same time a low definition gallery will be created and put on line in order to be able to share the photos with family and friends.
With regard to paper prints or printing of a book, a period of 3 weeks will be necessary from the date when the pictures to be edited will be chosen.

Intellectual property
All photos taken remain the intellectual property of the photographer. However, customers can duplicate, publish on the internet, get them as many times as they want for their private use.
Commercial use of photographs is prohibited.
No infographic changes are allowed on the photos

Additional costs
For weddings, travel expenses are the responsibility of the bride and groom, from a distance between La Couture Boussey and the venue of the ceremony, greater than 30 km (count € 1 / km return).
I also ask the bride and groom to make sure that I can eat at mealtime on the day of the wedding, when the chosen formula integrates them.
For other services (portraits, Lifestyle ...) the displacement is charged 0.50 € per kilometer from La Couture Boussey (1 € round trip).
Shipping costs are included in the "wedding" packages. In the case of hand-deliveries, no reduction can be granted.
10 € of postage will be asked for the sending of the prints, books and DVDs, for all the other services (portraits, Lifestyle, Pregnancy, ...)

In the case of weddings and events, clients allow me to take pictures of everyone present during the report.
I have the opportunity to use some of the images taken during the sessions for my personal promotion, exhibition or publication, including on my website.

For weddings, the opening hours start at 9am and end at 1am.